Week 3: Interceding for Zion’s Rebuilding Project

Scripture Reading: 1 Chronicles 22:1-19
Key Verse: 1 Chronicles 22:19
19 Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God. Begin to build the sanctuary of the Lord God, so that you may bring the ark of the covenant of the Lord and the sacred articles belonging to God into the temple that will be built for the Name of the Lord.

An obedient heart and soul of devotion precede any form of labour in the ministry. He does not want us to be successful in doing but suffer in being. As such, a consistent devotional life must come before ministry responsibilities. David in 1 Chronicles 22:19 instructed Israel to put God first by seeking the Lord. They needed to build the sanctuary to accommodate the sacred articles. The busyness of preparation has the potential to distract their devotion. However, God isn’t simply just looking for good workers; he is more interested in searching for good followers. Followers who choose to put their heart of devotion before the abilities of their hands. David fully understood the importance of devotion first. Choose to put God first in everything you do and especially for Zion’s rebuilding. The success of the church rebuilding project is not solely based on wise planning. The success is determined by our depth of intimacy with God. The sweet devotion that rises from our hearts and the worship upon our lips. Devote to Him, then begin to build.

Prayer Points
  • Pray that Zion will always choose to put God first in every situation.
  • Pray that everyone in Zion will intentionally engage in scripture, prayer, worship, discipleship and fellowship.

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