Week 2: Sowing over Zion’s 2021 Theme: REAP

Scripture Reading: Mark 16:15-20
Key Verse: Mark 16:20
Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.

The Lord of the harvest confirms the preaching of His word by the signs that accompanied it. In the name of Jesus, believers are accompanied by these signs: driving out of demons, speaking in new tongues, unharmed by snakes and poison, healing the sick. Just read the book of Acts to see these signs described in the lives of the early church and accounted for the church’s rapid growth.

Today, in God’s harvest fields, many might have despaired at the lack of results or have grown weary at the uphill task. Day in and day out, we’ve preached the gospel, we’ve proclaimed God’s word. But where are the fruits? Why are there so little salvations and transformed lives?

Perhaps we have lacked the accompanying signs to authenticate His Word. Perhaps we have relied little on His power from on high to be His effective witnesses. To reap in God’s spiritual harvest, we need to partner with God and rely on His spiritual resources. Will we be willing to trust God for these signs to accompany our preaching of His word?

Prayer Points
  • Ask God to increase your faith and reliance on His power in your life.
  • Pray for Zion to effectively proclaim God’s word in our community and for His supernatural signs to confirm the preaching of His word.
  • Pray for your persons of peace from Day 10.