Day 16/21: Greater Glory #ZionPrays

An authentic posture of prayer and fasting can position believers to become ushers of greater glory. A house without the glory of God is just another facility. No church leader desires to build a house of God absent of God’s glory.

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Day 14/21: Patient Waiting #ZionPrays

Waiting is hard work. Farmers are not just idling around, enjoying a sun tan, and sipping tea while they wait. They have to faithfully tend to the growing crops – watering, adding fertilizers and pesticides, tilling the fields, removing weeds and pests, and monitoring the development of the crop.

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Day 13/21: Word and Signs #ZionPrays

Today, in God’s harvest fields, many might have despaired at the lack of results or have grown weary at the uphill task. Day in and day out, we’ve preached the gospel, we’ve proclaimed God’s word. But where are the fruits?

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