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Religious Freedom and Why It Matters

Ever spent some time in bed on Sunday mornings pondering if you should get up and go to church? Or even consider joining the virtual service online in recent times? Whatever the underlying reasons may be, understanding the privilege of religious freedom in the global context may help us in rekindling our lost fire and finding passion again.

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How God Encountered Us In An Online Conference: Detonate Youth Conference Testimonies

What happens when a youth conference is done online? Without the bells and whistles of an immaculately planned 3 day 2 night event, would youths be engaged on Zoom? More importantly – how would God move in the digital space? The article recounts testimonies written by youths aged 17–23 about their encounters with God through the Detonate Youth Conference 2021

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Is It Always Best to Speak My Mind?: A Guide to Self-Reflection

When someone hurts us, the immediate desire may be to speak our minds and say what we think – yet that might not always be for the best. Angry words said, in the spur of the moment, aggravate the situation and can never be retracted. So, how can we approach such difficult situations in a way that reflects God’s kindness and love?

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Yes, How Can I be Loving and Kind Even When It Hurts So Bad?

Have you ever regretted saying a mean thing to someone you loved under the impulse of the moment? In looking back, you wished you could take it all back because you felt bad or guilty about it. The good news is the Bible provides a great way of learning how Jesus manages every temptation, conflict and situation he faced so that we can apply it in our lives too.

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